The BeFi Matrix Neuro-Behavioral Program

Congratulations on choosing the most in-depth Neuro-Behavioral Finance course & coaching you will ever experience! We are going to ramp your engagement and revenues with science-based strategies and tools. The 12-week LIVE course will all be recorded and the 1-on-1 personal coaching will be where we customize everything for you! If you already purchased the 5M-DECS Manifesto for $34, I will refund that to you quickly.

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  • FULL “5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets” Manifesto
  • 12-week LIVE Course on the best science-based strategies¬†
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  • Access each week to a new resource from my lists of BeFi Insights, Strategies & Tools, including navigating diverse beliefs and leveraging your unique human skills & values in the age of AI
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