5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets

If you’re violating any of these secrets… Your email marketing is in serious trouble!


Let’s talk straight, okay?



So you don’t want to blow it up, right?



So you don’t want to rob it blind before it matures, right?



So you don’t want to burn it down, right?



 I get a lot of emails every single day. And I am definitely NOT a zero-inbox person.

I love to study them. To learn about people, their business, their programs, and hear their pitches.

In essence, I’m obsessed with studying marketing messages.

And every single day, I see the pain…

The confusion…

The clutter…

The self-absorption…

The unresponsive audience…

The forever destroyed opportunity.

And so I decided this autumn that I wanted to help with a…


As I type in late November, I’m putting the finishing touches on…


“5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets”



But for friends of Rob Goyette, I wanted to get the

First 3 Secrets

immediately in your hands for the holidays!

So, until midnight Wednesday November 30…

Through this special page that is only being seen by friends of Rob…

You can grab the First 3 Secrets right now — risk free — before the window closes on November 30.

And keep reading to learn about 2 important charities you’ll be helping during this season of giving as I donate 10% of all sales this month.

But I also want to tell you about a powerful course and coaching program that surrounds and informs the Manifesto. And how you can become a member of that program — plus get a full year of Personalized Laser Coaching to facilitate and enhance the 12 weeks of lessons.

It’s called… The BeFi Matrix.

BeFi is short for “Behavioral Finance.” And when I combine the insights of behavioral researchers with those of the neuroscientists, we enter a realm of knowledge where economic decisions come to life in full color and emotional impact.

The BeFi Matrix a Neuro-Behavioral Course & Coaching Program built on my 25 years of serving large clients with behavioral and neuroscience-based strategies and tools.

And it draws from the world’s top researchers in human behavior and biology, from Daniel Kahneman, Candace Pert, and Michael Gazzaniga to Antonio Damasio, Dan Ariely, and Lisa Feldman Barrett.

This “realm of knowledge” is not only critical to dramatically improving your communications and ramping your sales — it’s also essential to help you as a business owner get out of your own way!

Stick with me and I’ll not only explain the full BeFi Matrix Program — and all the science behind it — but also how you can get access for 75% OFF today only!

Right now, let’s explore the power and value of the The “5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets” Manifesto (aka, 5M-DECS)…

I constructed and crafted the 5M-DECS Manifesto with a very specific and intentional design. After decades of studying marketing messages and the sciences of human decision-making, I found 5 critical components that make or break winning emails.

And to make sure that you the business builder could gain maximum benefit from the 5 Secrets, I made sure to write the Manifesto in a particular fashion and flow that would carry you through and sink the concepts and practices into your mind.

Here’s why I did that…

  1. To make the Manifesto a quick read that pulls you through and ingrains the concepts into your psyche
  2. To make sure you engage the Manifesto and begin applying the lessons and practices immediately to your business
  3. To give you a fundamental structure that will forever serve as the foundation for all of your marketing, messaging, and motivation campaigns


The FULL 5M-DECS MANIFESTO is currently priced at $595 because I carefully crafted this powerful teaching tool based on 25 years of helping financial institutions and training companies transact over $2 billion worth of goods, services, education, and securities exchange.

And I’m not offering it for anything less than $595 next year.

Probably closer to $1,000.


Because I don’t want to sell 20,000 copies at $10 and have them go unused by those who didn’t understand the power and value.


But for this exclusive beta launch group,

you get the

First 3 Secrets

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Not full price of $595.

Not even 60% of full price… $357.

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Then if you decide the methods and logic of the secrets are powerful for your marketing and messaging campaigns…

I will offer you a fantastic way to get Secrets 4 and 5 with a complete system for…

(1) Understanding the hows and whys of economic and emotional decisions.

(2) Implementing Neuro-Behavioral strategies in your business to influence and persuade, better and more often.

Introducing… The BeFi Matrix Program.

Hey, my name is Kevin Cook. Friends have called me Cooker since high school football when I was known as a human “pressure cooker.” As I tried to understand my own emotions and motivations, I became a passionate student of psychology even as a teenager. That pursuit never ended and now Neuro-Behavioral dynamics are what I’m most passionate about teaching. And not just the dry theory, but actually showing business builders how to apply Neuro-Behavioral insights and strategies to increasing their sales & profits!

On this page, you’re going to learn about a proprietary program where you can turn the disciplines and research of behavioral economics and neuroscience into higher sales and profits. It starts with the First 3 Secrets of the 5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets Manifesto.

And just so there’s no mystery, I won’t be “hiding” Secrets 4 and 5 from you should you choose not to grab the full program. They will be named and discussed in the First 3 Secrets of the Manifesto.

I’m just creating extra incentives for you to make the full investment that I know the program is really worth. And to convince you that you really can realize a 100,000% return with these 5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secretsespecially if you join me in the full BeFi Matrix Program.

This exclusive 90% discount is only for friends of Rob Goyette for testing the methods and logic of the secrets in December!

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Plus, if you grab Secrets 1, 2, & 3 right now — for only $34 — you will LOCK-IN a massive discount of 50% OFF on the complete Behavioral Finance (BeFi) Matrix Business Course, LIVE Workshops, and 1-Year Neuro-Behavioral Coaching Program!

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(more details on the full BeFi Matrix Program coming up…)

 And if you to choose grab that 50% discount offer that I’ll invite you to in December, you’ll also get Secrets 4 and 5 too once they are fully crafted and complete by December 15.

Keep reading to discover the art and science behind the 5M-DECS Manifesto… and more importantly, what it can do for all your communications and business!

The Making of 5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets

This work has really been a detailed crafting process — almost like a sculpture where I am refining and clarifying the message to its essence.

As Michelangelo is purported to have said of his David masterpiece…

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

~ (according to GoodReads)

One of my success coaches is the psychologist Benjamin Hardy, author of Be Your Future Self Now. He went to Florence, Italy recently and stood in the presence of the magnificent 17-foot tall David statue. Here’s how he crystallizes what Michelangelo might have said…

“I took away everything that wasn’t him.”

Ben Hardy loves this example of sculpture as a metaphor for crafting one’s life. Because he uses the 80/20 principle of leverage to teach people where, if they concentrate their efforts, less becomes exponentially more.

So again, the extremely intentional reasons I have labored over this project, as if it were a special kind of “strategy-sculpture,” are threefold…

  1. To make the Manifesto a quick read that pulls you through and ingrains the concepts into your psyche
  2. To make sure you engage the Manifesto and begin applying the lessons and practices immediately to your business
  3. To give you a fundamental structure that will forever serve as the foundation for all of your marketing, messaging, and motivation campaigns

If you grab Secrets 1, 2, & 3 by midnight Nov 30 for just $34, I’ll reach out in December with a special invitation to claim your 50% discount on the Full BeFi Matrix Program!

(And it’s still completely your call on the Full BeFi Matrix Program AFTER you get to know me and the 5M-DECS methods & system… more details below)

So, I’m giving you something powerful right now to help you immediately. And it will be our first commitment to each other — with a full, money-back Happiness Guarantee* — so you can test out my research and methods.

Remember, just for grabbing the First 3 Secrets of the Manifesto by the end of November for only $34, you LOCK-IN your 50% discount on the full program — which includes 1-year of Personalized Laser Coaching!

And you get to test out the First 3 Secrets for 30 days in your holiday marketing and messages.

But if you want a sneak-peak into what exactly is in this program >> and hear about a special fast-action bonus today >> read on…

The Science Underneath Email Copy Secrets

Are you now thinking about YOUR EMAIL LIST as a potential gold mine, retirement account, and rain forest?

Or, are you still just curious what this MILLION-DOLLAR EMAIL COPY SECRETS Manifesto & BeFi Matrix System is all about?

To hammer this home, let me explain where this research and Manifesto came from…

 Did you know our brains “unconsciously” make yes/no, good/bad, happy/sad decisions… in 17 milliseconds?

That’s about 1/60th of a second.

 Another study showed that if images were flashed for 1/250th of a second — brief enough not to be noticed consciously — they had a clear impact on what the viewer thought or decided about a subsequent image or message that was not flashed.

We’ve all heard the controversial stories about marketers testing subliminal images and messages on people in movie theaters in the 1950s — just to sell more popcorn and soda!

But this study from the early 2000s was cited by Dr. Mark Young in his 2021 book HYPNO-TI$ING: The Secrets & Science of Ads That Sell More.

It was part of a huge wave of research that became available to neuroscientists and marketers with the advent of MRI brain-imaging technologies in the 1990s.

After thousands of studies with millions of willing volunteers, we’ve learned volumes of important facts about how our brains unconsciously operate to process thoughts, feelings, images — and sometimes even facts — to make decisions.

Why is this important?

Because our brains have never been more under siege from messaging!

We are bombarded by ads, pitches, and urgent news thousands of times each day.

And don’t get me started on email!

The founders of Axios wrote a book titled…

Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More With Less

Their mission statement is as follows…

“Brevity is Confidence. Length is Fear.”

Why do they say this?

Because of the deluge of information and pitches screaming for our attention — to say nothing of the notifications we allow for social media that can become a constant distraction.

 I actually wrote my first “attention” manifesto about this in 2010 when I saw what the smartphone was doing to our attention spans… and the world-wide web was already overflowing with millions of pitches and trillions of words and images!

Our brains have to fight off that deluge, that raging torrent, or we will perish — if we don’t go insane first. Too much information is fatal to our survival.

And since our brain’s job is to keep us alive and safe, to avoid the potentially debilitating impacts from constant overwhelm and overstimulation, brains must be efficient managers of energy and attention if we are to survive and thrive.

So brains are equipped to fend off the torrent with unconscious perceptual and cognitive filters, and super-fast capabilities to ignore, tune out, and make snap judgements about most extraneous stimuli.

This is how learning about the brain served me in developing marketing and messaging for 8, 9, 10, and 11-figure companies.

 But that intelligence was reserved for my private clients who were doing 8-10 figures in revenue annually as they launched new products and services that catered to B2B enterprise contracts and HNW customers.

And then a decade later, I interviewed Nir Eyal, the author of Hooked, in 2020 about these problems after the launch of his new book Indistractable. More on that soon.

Short, Not Shallow… Strength, Not Breadth

The authors of Smart Brevity write…

“We check our phones 344+ times each day, once every 4 minutes at least. Behavioral research and our own bullshit detectors show most of us under-report our true usage.”

They go on to cite these 7 glaring realities…

  • Roughly one-third of work emails that require attention go unread
  • Most words of most news stories are never seen
  • Most chapters of books go untouched
  • We spend 26 seconds on average reading a piece of content
  • We spend fewer than 15 seconds on most web pages we click
  • We are lost in a fog of words that jam our inboxes and paralyze our productivity. In short, we are prisoners to words, words, words.
  • Slack CEO Steward Butterfield: over 50% of employee time is spent on communications of some sort, and yet there is zero training on how to do it well!

I hate to see business owners, coaches, and creators miss the biggest opportunity they have to communicate well with their audience via the single most powerful format: EMAIL.

It’s not only the key to unlock more revenues and profits in your business or not-for-profit work.

It’s also the fastest and most-enriching way to build your audience, your tribe of people who will follow you anywhere on your missions.

Hearing from you once a day, or even just once a week, should be a delight for your existing fans as well as your new joiners.

I want to see more business builders learn the secrets of powerful email communication!

Here’s What I Did For You

So in September, I sat down at my desk in my remote, writing get-away in the Northwoods of Wisconsin…

And I began to craft the essential principles of clear, captivating, and compelling email messaging.

The work was based on my nearly 3 decades of studying human behavior, the brain, and how we make decisions to buy, sign-up, and join, or to ignore, forget, and run away from messaging.

The work was also gleaned from writing LOTS of different marketing copy and educational curriculum for 5 major enterprises that I have had the pleasure to serve.

One is a $50+ billion member of the S&P 500.

But for this “emergency project” I wanted to just focus on EMAIL COPY for the small business owner because that’s the…

  • Simplest
  • Most frequent
  • Most urgent
  • Most captivating
  • Most compelling communication we can have with our audience.

It’s also where the most leverage exists to either grow our tribes and ignite raving fans, or turn them away before the second click.

 Those principles became…

The 5M-DECS  Manifesto.

 Again, as I type in late November, I’m putting the finishing touches on…

The 5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets Manifesto

But just for friends of Rob Goyette, I wanted to get the First 3 Secrets in your hands for the holidays where your audience is eager to spend money on growth and transformation in the next 2 months

December and January are HUGE months for product and service sales in hundreds of niches where other business owners are spending down budgets for tax write-offs and investing in their own growth and development. 

The only question is…

 Will they do it with you, or someone else?

 So, until midnight Wednesday November 30, through this special page that is only being seen by friends of Rob…

…That’s a 90% discount for friends of Rob Goyette!

I think I’ve made it clear that Your Email List is nearly priceless in terms of what you can do with it to create money, meaning, and movements.

Once people know, like, and trust you enough to let you send them emails, you have access to something wonderful for all your marketing, messaging, and motivation campaigns.

You’re finding your people… and you have the privilege to build multiple tribes of dedicated followers who look forward to your frequent communications.

The Burning Problem

Let me offer some more straight talk…

Just because you’ve built a list from 100 to 1,000 — and for many coaches , creators, and business builders it’s now 5,000 to 20,000 — doesn’t mean you are making the most of it, or deserve to keep those fans.

In fact, you could be making some crucial mistakes that are severely limiting current and future sales, influence, and connection.

In short, you could be churning and burning half of your list into sleep-walking zombies who don’t even know why they are still subscribed to your list.

The Wild Fire Danger

And if you send one more email that is missing any single one of the 5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets (5M-DECS), you could be severely and permanently damaging your list…

Ensuring that people never listen to you again — no matter how good your Instagram or TikTok content is.

The Killer Solution: 5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets

Plus, as I describe in the Introduction to 5M-DECS (you can read it further down on this page, right above the Happiness Guarantee) when you learn to write emails with these 5 Secrets, all of your communications will accelerate with more impact and success. 

Don’t like sales? Great! Because 5M-DECS is all about purpose-driven conversations that serve your audience. You’re not jumping in their face trying to sell them something (unless you want to).

You’re engaging their interests, needs, and values and bringing them something of value that will inspire your audience to engage almost any offer, question, opportunity, content or gift you put in front of them.

Are you an introvert, like me? Once you master the 5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets, you will have 3-5X more confidence in any random conversation at networking events and parties or podcast interviews and live speaking events.

You will literally know how to initiate and steer better conversations by being more interesting, more engaged, and more memorable to your audience as you give them something of value with clarity and simplicity — and leave them feeling more valued.

I know this because I used to go on live business TV like CNBC, Bloomberg, and FOX Business and have only 2-3 minutes to speak where I could be asked anything. So I’ve proven it works. This system will change your life and your business! 

Special Offer only for Rob Goyette’s People…

5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets (5M-DECS) is a Manifesto + Neuro-Behavioral Training Program that will not only save you from destroying your email list — it will teach you how to ignite your audience for maximum profits, influence, and fun with your tribe.

I wrote this Manifesto with meticulous purpose, focus, and clarity so that you would be pulled through to finish reading it in one afternoon.

And you will have stunning realizations the whole way through that completely change how you think about your audience and how you want to communicate your meaning and messages with them going forward.

I built the formulas, instructions, and examples of how to write stunning email campaigns right into the document.

And I left out my 25 years of stories with several highly-successful companies applying behavioral economics and neuroscience to their marketing and messaging.

Let’s just say that after 25 years of working for financial institutions on Wall Street, I learned firsthand what Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and neuroscientist Antonio Damasio meant when they taught us that emotions — not calculation skills like probability thinking — rule all of our decisions.

Why did I leave my back-story out of the 5M-DECS Manifesto?

So that I could serve coaches, creators, and business builders in these 2 ways…

  1. Keep the 5M-DECS Manifesto brief, crystal clear and on point
  2.  Deliver those powerful “Neuromarketing” and “BeFi” insights and strategies as a LIVE course + personalized coaching in January

Here’s what you get potential access to when you grab the beta launch of 5M-DECS for only $34 by midnight November 30…

The Full Stack: Only for Rob G. Friends in Dec!

5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets Manifesto (100-page Course-Book)….……………………………………………………………………………………… $595 Value

The BeFi Matrix Neuro-Behavioral Finance Course: How People Make Economic, Health, & Relationship Decisions (12 weeks LIVE).……  $995 Value

Your BeFi Matrix Course Includes 34+ Proprietary Reports, Templates, Worksheets and Training Modules:

Behavioral Economics 101
Deep dives into at least 12 of the most important BeFi books
Worksheets to help you decode your customers’ decision-making
How to turn 144 cognitive biases into just 12 that you can use daily
Brain research that created the exciting frontier of “neuro-marketing”
How to use Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity to your advantage

555 Email Copy-Hack Strategies & Tactics
How to Instantly Captivate & Compel Your Tribe
Dozens of techniques to get your audience to take an action
Hundreds of “opening hook” subject lines for you to steal
Using the wisdom of Mark Twain to influence and persuade
Building & Nurturing Relationships with 6 Killer Tactics

The Power of Storytelling Unleashed for Your Business!
The Magic Shop of Disney You Only Think You Know
Why Brains Prefer Stories to Make Decisions
Deconstructing Beliefs and Emotions for Newcomers
Blogging is Dead: Long live the short, sharp email blog
Where Siddhartha and George Bernard Shaw Meet

The Neuroscience of Decisions Unleashed for Your Business!
How the “Believing Brain” Operates
The Metropolis of You as “NYC in a Single Body”
Your 1,000 Brains: Candace Pert and the Dopamine Receptor
Rebuilding Beliefs and Emotions in Your Tribe
Social Brains: Why we don’t really “exist” outside of our relationships

Mind-Blowing Neuro-Behavioral Trainings
The NeuroBiology of Procrastination: Managing Dopamine and Flow States
INDISTRACTABLE: Transcript of my powerful interview with Nir Eyal
Trauma Ceilings & Income Ceilings: Overcoming money mayhem & business blocks
Brain Magic: In-depth training for turning worry into joy
The Magic of Habit Creation: What you must know to impact your audience

Advanced Science-of-Motivation Training
Decoding Maslow, Daniel Pink, Jeff Haden, Lisa Barrett, & Joseph LeDoux
The 5 million-year evolution of your Stone Age Brain
What the Scylla & Charybdis Want to Teach You About Risk
Where Does Your Fear Come From?
PERSONALITY: Transcript from my inspiring interview of Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Science-Blind: How to Deal with Half the World Operating Under Bias
The Tech Super Cycle and the Wealth-Knowledge Exponential Surge
Top 10 Global Trends Driving Transformations for Nations & Economies
Nassim Taleb’s Black Swan and what so few understand about this math-sight
Harari and the Coming Death Star: CRISPR and Neural-Lace
The Re-Generation Manifesto: The Case for Radical Optimism

1-Year of UNLIMITED Laser Coaching on Your Email Campaigns and BeFi Matrix Strategies (attuned to your schedule) …………..….… $2,000 VALUE


Your UNLIMITED Laser Coaching includes these powerful benefits:

  • We Workshop Your Communication Needs and Strategies
  • We Custom Design Your Marketing & Messaging
  • We Infuse & Electrify Your Business with Behavioral and Neuroscience Research
  • We Explore Multiple Strategies to Instantly Boost Your Revenue
  • We Make Certain You Have Cleared All Blocks to Charging the Most You Can For Your Products & Services

Total Value of the Full 5M-DECS BeFi Matrix Program ………………………………………. $3590 Value

But friends of Rob Goyette will only pay a fraction of this if they join my new beta launch group today.

My first gift to you is…

Get the First 3 Secrets for only $34!

Btw, I love the number “34” because it’s a pivotal step-jump in the Fibonacci sequence… and math is a secret “Da Vinci Code” passion of mine after being “allergic to algebra” as a teen…

And then learning to make a career in financial markets where math is now my second language!

HEADS UP! You can’t get this Beta Launch of The 5M-DECS Manifesto anywhere else. I’m only doing this for RG friends!

And only until November 30. I want you in the beta launch where you get to explore the First 3 Secrets Risk-Free for 30 Days…

 And then my second gift to you…

 In December, I will invite you to access the full 5M-DECS Manifesto + the BeFi Matrix Course + Personalized Coaching…

 For an incredible entry that is a fraction of the full price of $3,590!

That full program will probably be limited to 25 or less business owners, coaches, and creators.

So let’s recap what you are getting access to today when you agree to turbo-charge your sales with this risk-free goldmine for only $34…

FIRST, you’re getting a 90% discount to gain initial entry to a powerful system — The 5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets Manifesto — that will completely change the way you communicate with your readers, your buyers, and your tribes!

At that price, I can confidently say that business builders should be able to create a minimum 1,000X return by applying the principles and practices of 5M-DECS (5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets).

When I launch this full-bore in January, I’m positioning it as a 100,000% ROI — even as I sell it alone for $1,000.

SECOND, you’re getting special access to the full 5M-DECS and BeFi Matrix Programs at exclusive discounts before prices go up in January!

Your “BeFi Matrix” Club Membership: Opens Next Month

Let me explain how this will work (and there’s no sneaky recurring subscription charges involved)…

After you take advantage of the First 3 Secrets of the 5M-DECS program in the month of November 2022, you will be added to a special list that includes only you and other Goyette-tribe members who made the same decision this week.

And you will get full access to the COMPLETE 5M-DECS BeFi Matrix Program for the unbelievable price of…

ONLY $1795…

But only during a special offer I will contact you about in December before the price goes back to $3590.

 All you have to do is take my no-risk gateway golden-ticket offer today!

 So even if you’re not sure right now about the full BeFi Matrix Program…

 You can still get access to the first 3 Secrets of 5M-DECS for only $34 — with a 30-day Money-Back Happiness Guarantee!

 And you still LOCK-IN your eligibility for the 50% Discount on the Full Program for only $1795! It will be your invitation to accept or refuse in December.

 If you decide the first encounter with the material doesn’t serve you and your business, or other communication ventures, you simply let me know and I will refund your $34 with the Happiness Guarantee.*

Even if you wanted to accept the full program now, I get it. But I want to put all the finishing touches on it in the next 2 weeks.

 (Scroll down to ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! if you want to see the crazy-insane “get-in-now” offer I came up with for the next 24 hours!)

So I am still putting together the full plan, descriptions and course curriculum. I have over 50 books of major scientific research on the brain, behavior and decision-making that I want to share with you, and I’m busy condensing them and narrowing down to just 12 that will be the core curriculum for the 12-week course.

I can’t wait to share the outline with you of all the stuff we are going to learn that will accelerate all your marketing, persuasion, sales, messaging, and motivation campaigns!

 Once I’ve finalized the curriculum, you’ll see we are going to have a very focused and productive 12 weeks in the LIVE course. And all recordings will be available on demand in the member site.

 And I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to designing and teaching courses, like I did in finance and derivatives for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the 1990s, and for one the largest options trading firms in the world in the 2000s.

 So if you choose to hang out with me, let me tell you the ride we are in for because this is how a good beta launch works…

I am committed to showing you what I can do for you very quickly in the first 30 days of your trust in me.

And you get to test it out and then let me know if you think it works for your needs. If not, no harm, no foul. And we move on, hopefully still friends.

This is the potential to access these rocket-fuel turbo-chargers for your business…

The Full Stack: Only for Rob G. Friends in Dec!

5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets Manifesto (100-page Course-Book)…………………………………………………………………………………… $595 Value

The BeFi Matrix Neuro-Behavioral Finance Course: How People Make Economic, Health, & Relationship Decisions (12 weeks LIVE… $995 Value


1-Year of UNLIMITED Laser Coaching on Your Email Campaigns and BeFi Matrix Strategies (attuned to your schedule) ……………..……… $2,000 Value

 Your UNLIMITED Laser Coaching includes these powerful benefits:

  • We Workshop Your Communication Needs and Strategies
  • We Custom Design Your Marketing & Messaging
  • We Infuse & Electrify Your Business with Behavioral and Neuroscience Research
  • We Explore Multiple Strategies to Instantly Boost Your Revenue
  • We Make Certain You Have Cleared All Blocks to Charging the Most You Can For Your Products & Services

Total Value of the

Full 5M-DECS BeFi Matrix Program …………………… $3590 Value

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 No recurring charges ever.

 Just me focused on you, your business, and implementing The BeFi Matrix in all your marketing challenges!




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I promise, it will never be this affordable ever again. In some ways, I can’t believe I’m doing it for such an insane discount.

But there’s a very good reason: I want so badly to teach this course starting in January and to build the content library, that I just need 10 to 25 hungry and committed “Behavioral Business Builders” to join me on the journey.

And the UNLIMITED Laser Coaching will be key in helping you apply all the practical insights and actions to your business. 


Still Need to Learn More?

So what do I mean by the abbreviation “BeFi”?

BeFi is short for Behavioral Finance. Like DeFi for Decentralized Finance. Or the $5 billion public company SoFi that targets the ability to access social networks for financial impact.

We’ve seen a ton of innovation in FinTech spaces in the past 10 years. I mean PayPal got the fireball rolling 20 years ago, but it took Venmo to light a fire under Wall Street butts to finally roll out Zelle.

I just borrowed the “Fi” idea as shorthand for a much bigger and older concept than the land of cryptocurrency innovation and FinTech.

So why is the “BeFi” symbology so important to me?

BeFi is the “realm of knowledge” created by psychologist and 2002 Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman. It’s about how we make decisions under uncertainty and risk.

This area of social and psychological research has built a mountain of evidence in the past 50+ years about how we use heuristics and biases to navigate life — and how irrational we all can be at times.

And for me, it’s the culmination of 3 decades of research in psychology, marketing, trading, behavioral economics, and neuroscience.

After studying the work of Kahneman and neuroscientist Antonio Damasio from 1995 to 2005, I codified a system for “how brains make decisions.”

I also published my first article about it in 2008 where I unveiled my theory of…

The Multi-Mind.

This went against everything we’re taught growing up that we are always the same person and only “irrational” or “crazy” people have variations and inconsistencies in their personalities and decision making.

It helped that I had an active laboratory to test all this social and brain science in… as an international currency trader at the introduction of the euro in 1999.

For 9 years, I traded an average of $100 million in foreign currencies every single day. For a total value crossing $2 billion in “behavioral” exchange during that tenure.

In essence, I tested all the science in a real lab for over 9 years, interacting with thousands of decision-makers in the trading pits and at dozens of global banks around the world!

 I was literally an experimenter in the largest laboratory on earth for studying greed, fear, hope, and despair.

What I learned will shock most marketers who are currently trying to make new contacts and customers on social media!

Before social media and smartphones taught us about our potential addictions to devices that activate brain cravings, I learned that ego, engagement, and euphoria had a bigger impact on our money decisions than any desire just to have more financial success.

 In 2004, I designed a professional simulation to test & develop the probability skills of traders. Because I found that probability training was the antidote to natural emotional decision making.

 I called the training “Risk Software for Your Brain.”

All this real-world observation and economic experimentation, combined with testing the works of Kahneman and Damasio and dozens of other social researchers and brain scientists…

 Completely transformed my thinking about the how of “homo economicus.”

So the BeFi Matrix Neuro-Behavioral Course & Coaching Program is all about how people make decisions when faced with uncertainty, risk, greed, fear, and our social-ego desires to belong and be valued.

Remember Bernie Madoff?

He bilked hundreds of millionaires to the tune of over $60 billion!

Steven Speiberg and Zsa Zsa Gabor were some of his higher profile victims in his elaborate Ponzi scheme where he pretended to be a great trader but was actually losing money hand over fist.

As I mentioned, I published my first global article about “BeFi” in 2008 where I described the behavioral patterns of “rogue” traders and how they would continue to proliferate despite regulations.

Six months later, the world learned of Bernie.

All of my research has been codified and condensed as the scientific, intellectual, and practical foundations for the 5M-DECS Manifesto and The BeFi Matrix Neuro-Behavioral Program.

Through 5 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets, I help coaches, creators and business builders create stunning email campaigns that…

  • Ignite Interaction
  • Explode Engagement
  • Optimize Offers
  • Ramp Revenues
  • Lengthen LTV

And I built this simple-to-implement course on 3 killer elements that have made my private clients tens of millions of dollars in the past decade:

    1. the neuroscience of marketing (how brains are attracted to or repelled by messaging)
    2. the economics of decisions (why we engage, buy, ignore, delay, or run)
    3. the art and science of compelling communications that drive interaction, sales conversions, and raving fans!

So that’s where the BeFi Matrix LIVE Course + Coaching comes in to burn these novel insights and strategies into your neocortex.

You can learn more about how I came to these insights and solutions further down on this page.

But right now, let’s get down to business.

Because I have created a massively special offer for friends of Rob Goyette — who I have learned so much from in his Mastermind groups!

Rob taught me how to create a Laser Coaching program that works for both the client and the coach — where I get to deliver my highest value and you get to accelerate at any pace you choose with my help!

So what I want to do for Rob’s friends is something really special to begin our relationship…

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Get in here now and let’s get your business tuned-in to what your audience craves… you ON FIRE!

Let’s go!


PS… If you still need more Cooker straight talk to make your decision, check out the Preface & Introduction to the new 5M-DECS Manifesto right now below…

Follow These Secrets, Make 7 Figures.

Ignore These Secrets, and Watch Your Competition — or lame AI bots — Take All.

That’s why you paid as much as $997 for this Manifesto. Because I’m not giving away these secrets to just anyone.

Especially not to someone who will never use them, or just pass them around like some freebie e-book they never made a commitment to.

You paid top-dollar for a reason. And you know in your heart you can write better copy for your audience than an AI bot! Now use THIS to crush it!

Your investment should see a return of 100,000%.

 That’s right. You can turn the ideas in this $1,000 program into $1 million.

And know that I made this Manifesto super simple to follow and learn from. I also made it short so you could print it and treat it as a workbook, making notes, scribbling new ideas in the margin. Once a quarter, you should print these timeless concepts again and do it all over. Save all the copies for review too.

I don’t want it to end up in a drawer or lost in the cloud. I want you to use it, profit from it, and tell me about it.

My Promise: If you master this foundational structure — which I have painstakingly assembled in the clearest and simplest way possible — you will have exceptional strategy and skills to…

Write more sophisticated copy like landing pages, long-form sales letters, upsell and downsell funnel pages, elaborate email sequences and autoresponders, Facebook ads, webinars, and VSL scripts. Even your favorite charity and not-for-profit campaigns will greatly benefit!

Plus, you will be able to tackle what is arguably the most difficult copy: the direct response mail piece, and its cousins, the brochure and single-page offer inside of a book. These super-compact persuasion messages are a work of art that Todd Brown collects and sells for thousands in a huge swipe file — since you can’t find them on the web. I collect them too.

Plus-plus: You could extend your mastery of short email copy into live sales presentations where you speak and sell from live and virtual stages. This is the ultimate art and science you see from ninjas like Russell Brunson, Coach Burt, and Eli Wilde, the top sales trainer for Tony Robbins.

Plus-plus-plus: After you’ve mastered the skills of direct marketing to your email list(s), or those of your clients, you will have a better sense of marketing psychology and branding than most professionals.

Why do I say this?

Because you will have measurable results that show you know how to sell in email and that “proof of work” is the foundation of branding success. In short, the person who can sell in email can create the best branding messages and designs because they’ve done all the experimentation to know what captures, inspires, motivates, and persuades in as few words as possible… and with beautiful unity and exquisite congruence.

May the Secrets Be With You.


There is barely an introduction because we don’t have time to waste in preventing you from destroying your email list. And there is probably no “table of contents” for the 5 Secrets because I don’t want you to skip ahead. You need to go in order. I’ll just say this…

I get over 200 emails every day from marketers. I am definitely not a zero-inbox person. I’m on a lot of email lists because I do a lot of research, and I love it all. I love to study how people build businesses, develop relationships, convert their offers, grow their success, and create raving life-long fans.

Here’s the thing: most of them have terrible copy. I feel bad for them because I know they are struggling. I don’t want you to be one of them. Lots of small and medium sized business owners could use some serious help. That’s why I wrote this.

 So let’s jump right into the secrets!

 (end of Intro to 5 M-D Email Copy Secrets)

Doesn’t this sound like the engine-jumpstart (or overhaul) you need for your email marketing, messaging, and motivation campaigns?

 Let’s do business and make some money this holiday season — and for the rest of this wonderful decade.

 Oh, one more thing…

 **10% of all sales are going to two of my favorite non-profits: Comfort Zone Camp (CZC) and Partners in Health (PIH).**

CZC is a special place for grieving children who’ve lost a family member to get critical early attention and care in their emotional and healing journey. I have volunteered twice at this magical place and I can’t wait to go back.

PIH is the legacy of Dr. Paul Farmer (1959-2022) who built healthcare systems for the poorest countries in the world, including the economically tragic and corruption-beleaguered Haiti, where roving bands of armed kidnappers terrorize the innocent people.

You can learn more about both when you grab the First 3 Secrets! 


*Happiness Guarantee

I want you to be happy with your purchase. If you don’t believe 3 Million-Dollar Email Copy Secrets is a good fit for your creative business, then I’ll refund your $34.

The request must be made within 30 days of purchase. I may ask you a few questions to ensure you gave the material a fair try before calling it quits (this step is to help prevent fraud with a PDF that you’ll obviously get to keep anyway). 

(This “Happiness Guarantee” was adapted from renegade copywriter August Birch.)

Looking forward to having you join me in…

 The BeFi Matrix!

 Where AI bots… got nothin’ on us!!!